Our Brand Story and Products

Our Brand Story and Products

www.poshlounge.co.uk aims to bring you the widest range of designer brands for the posh lounge experience. We sell coffee tables, side tables, sideboards, and console tables, as well as unique shelving and display cabinets. Any hard furniture that can make you go — wow, that's cool? would be found on our website.

We are proud to partner with Tom Schneider — a London based designed of luxury contemporary wood furniture — specialising in curved designs such as the Swirl and Serpico collections, or the Quad Cornerless Coffee table. Other fabulous pieces include the DNA shelving units — that look like DNA strands. This artisan designer provides a luxury feel with a truly handcrafted collection — every piece is made to order and you can bespoke the wood, the shape, and some aspects of the design.

Next is the Cappa E Spada range — a truly eclectic quirky brand with handpainted artwork — from Botticelli’s Birth Of Venus, Queen Elizabeth, The Last Supper or a Gothic Skull, these pieces are both a work of art and a truly unique piece of furniture

Gillmore Space offers contemporary furniture with a mix of polished woods, metals, marbles, and glass. Think industrial style coffee tables, sideboards etc with brass and glass, black or white marble tops, as well as funky bar cabinets.

Finally, we wanted to work with a traditional craft brand, with centuries of skill. We chose Indian Hub because of their divine traditional handicrafts in creating beautiful furniture from reclaimed Indian Rosewood, as well as Acacia and Teak wood furniture. India is the home of a remarkable variety of traditional crafts. Traditional handicrafts carry with them centuries of skill that has woven magic into the motifs and designs used, and Indian Hub uses these centuries-old techniques to make beautiful furniture, distributed from the UK.

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